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The road to success

From the very beginning, Blue Lightning Logistics has been a carrier focused on safe and sensible growth, built on financial strength, and a longstanding commitment to working together with customers to achieve mutual goals.

Today, our company has grown to support varying levels of transportation needs. We have a fleet of 50+ trucks and trailers providing Truck Load and other distribution services nationally across the contiguous 48 states.

An extension of your business

At Blue Lightning Logistics, we understand that your transportation needs are about more than just getting product from “point A” to “point B”.

For the last decade, BLL has been proud to partner with our customers and serve as an extension of their business. We’re committed to our customer’s satisfaction and work hard every day to consistently deliver on our promise as a critical piece of your company’s value chain. Our business has always been based upon developing relationships first. We do this not only because it makes good business but because, it’s who we are.

Founded on integrity

Eran Blitzblau, Co-founder and CEO of Blue Lightning Logistics, started as a local San Diego delivery service driver in 2003 and transitioned to an over the road CDL driver in 2005. Driving over the road provided him with an opportunity to learn about and understand the challenges unique to the industry.

Working with brokers, shippers and receivers, Eran quickly came to realize that creating long-term partnerships with customers and drivers was the key to long-term growth and success. By providing excellent service supported by open communication with customers, brokers, and drivers, Eran was able to grow the Blue Lightning Logistics fleet and offer additional service, capacity and custom solutions to a growing customer base.

Today, Blue Lightning Logistics offers dedicated, refrigerated TL service to North America’s leading brands. Commitment and integrity are still our core values today, and they will remain our primary focus as we grow.